Don’t text and drive

We have only one life

Imagine your girl sleeping in your car, after a vacation; a party – an event of sort. You look over and she’s sleeping, hair curled in her face, she’s got a pretty little smile on her face. She looks happy, peaceful, and adorable. And you’re driving back in the middle of the woods, or on the highway. Almost home! You’re bored as it’s nighttime and you’ve got a few miles left. You get a notification on your phone. Maybe it’s a text from your mom, your sister, your girl’s mom to make sure y’all are almost home safe. Maybe I’m texting you.

You look down at your phone and read the notification. It’s not even a long text. You barely have time to register the BURRHH-BURRRHHHH! before your car turns into a 2 ton atmospheric hydraulic impactor. Crunching bone, glass, fire and shrapnel. Right before you lose consciousness, you see your lady’s face nearly completely ripped off, eyes hanging out her socket, and her skin’s on fire. The entire car starts to burn and you can smell your flesh start to sear. When you wake up, you’re the only survivor.
Sounds brutal right? You probably hate me right now.

Can you live with yourself knowing you caused innocent lives? Your girlfriend?

If not? Don’t text and drive. See how easy that scenario is to avoid? Stay alert, keep your eyes on the road. Not worth it, your reflexes are only fast enough if you’re able to see it coming way head of time – once it’s impending, it’s too late. You, me, him, her… WE ARE NOT FAST ENOUGH. A car careening towards you at 70 mph is always going to win the race between man’s reflexes and machine’s speed. Always. Everytime. You’re not fast enough. Don’t text and drive. It’s not worth it.