are Croatian a stupid people?

They are only Nazi puppet state in the world that had concentration camps for Serbs and Jews, Gipsys, Croats, and anyone who didn’t  think like them ( most prominent “Jasenovac”, “Jadovno”… ), even separate children extermination camps4_74-9a4817d7.jpg6_1_4_djeca-grubisno-polje.jpg… that didn’t bear a real consequences for their actions after the war, they were accepted in Yugoslavia as a brother nation. That mistake for not punishing those thrives lives today through young and middle-age generations who admire their grandfathers who were wearing black uniforms and hailed to Third Reich, and doing so today, and reminding everyone of their past roles when even Germans are ashamed and hiding their past ideals is a prime example of stupidity. One of the reasons they continue doing it today is because of the stupidity of the No1 nation from this list who support them.—–What to say about Croatia? I used to live there and for sure can confirm that they are in the top 10 world’s stupidest countries in the world. People there literally hate every other nation and religion, just read their comments on social media that confirms that. They really don’t hesitate to spread the hate on the internet, for the Croatian people this is normal. They are being taught from an early age to hate everybody and have bad names for each nation. You can see the real reflection of Croatian people in their government representatives starting with their President. The government destroyed everything that they could and don’t attend to stop doing it and they still get elected. Croatian people don’t think that all people should have the same rights. For example, for them, it is normal to live abroad but it is a tragedy if a foreigner comes to live in their country because a foreigner is always just a scum. And they very proudly still live in wartime and celebrate the convicted war criminals as their heroes and even a government does that. Na dočeku Darija Kordića vikao: 'Ubojico, sotono!' - tportalWhere else you can see that in a civilized world? They think that victims that were killed by the Croatian army were not worth living because they were Muslims. They literally write this all over social media and get many likes and positive comments. Some of them change a little bit the opinion and get soften when they go to live abroad—–The nation of the stupidest, most ignorant people ever. Stuff that happens here is hard to believe. Hatred and crime masked as “traditional values” and “Christianity”.


 Our government can piss on us, steal our money to live in luxury, lie us on a daily basis and we will not rebel just because people are SO STUPID. I am leaving this country together with all the young people who want to do something with their lives.People who are simply stuck in the past and have no ambitions to be progressive. Ugliest thing, though, is their determined celebration and pride of Croatian convicted war criminals.

International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) showing Bosnian Croat Slobodan Praljak, taking an unknown substance at the court in The Hague, The Netherlands, 29 November 2017, during the appeals judgement in the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY), for war crimes committed during the bloody break-up of Yugoslavia. Praljak took the substance after the court ruled the 20-year sentence he received would be upheld, and claimed he took poison.

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